You can go your entire life never needing a firearm. But, do you have the training if you do need it?

We Teach

The first step to protecting yourself is knowing the law... One of the biggest mistakes people make is getting instruction in TN Law(s) second hand from someone who may not know themselves.

Why is firearm training important?

"If you trust your life, or the lives of your loved ones, to your skill with a firearm you have a moral obligation to seek out competent instruction; it could truly mean the difference between life and death. To borrow a line from a friend of mine, if you would seek instruction before parachuting or scuba diving, both life threatening activities, then you have no excuse to not seek the same level of instruction with a firearm. It is, after all, a piece of life saving equipment."

I have seen many things throughout my life with regards to firearm safety and I have to say, somethings are just so ridiculous, it's hard to explain. I grew up handling firearms, and at the time I would have bet money I was being as safe as could be. Then I joined the military and realized how lucky I was I didn't shoot myself or kill a friend. The fact is: whether you're a new shooter or you have been shooting your whole life, formal training is needed to ensure you don't develop unsafe practices or to remove any you may already have.