Courses available

Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course (Open to ages 21 and up and Military ages 18 and up) (State of Tennessee Certified)

We offer a Tennessee State Certified, Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course. This is an 8 hour course and is designed to teach and test you in the basics of pistol safety, operation, and storage. Upon successful completion you'll meet the state safety requirement to carry in Tennessee and other qualified states.
Prices starting as low as $45.00 per student. 
"Pistol with Ammunition rentals available!" We also have group discounts.
Basic Pistol Shooting Course (Open to ages 16 and up)

This is an 8 hour course and is the most basic course we offer. It is designed to teach the new gun owner the required Safety, Operation and Storage techniques needed to maintain a safe environment when owning and using firearms.

This course is open to ages 16 and up. (Parents or Guardians must sign waiver for all juveniles attending.
Price is $50.00 
(Gun and Ammo is included).

2 Day New Shooter Training Course (Open to ages 16 and up)

Get 3 Courses in 1 & SAVE!

We offer new shooters a more robust 2 day package in order to provide you more time on the range and a class curriculum more structured for the new shooter. This will allow you to be more effective in developing your shooting fundamentals, and gun safety techniques. During your two days, you will be provided, (1) Basic Pistol Course, (2) Home Firearm Safety Course, and (3) State of Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit requirements (if you are qualified to apply for your Handgun Carry Permit, you will receive the safety endorsement.) 

Price is $95.00 (Gun and Ammo is included).