Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course


Per Student

Gun Rentals Available (ammo included)  $15.00

Group Discounts 

(these discounts are provided for regularly scheduled classes Only)

If you have 4-7 members in your group, each group member will receive $5 off and will only pay $30.00 at check in.

If you have 8 or more members in your group, each group member will receive $10 off and will only pay $25.00 at check in.

Private Classes

We offer private classes for a single student or private groups up to 25 students.

Classes held in Manchester, Tennessee. 

Just behind the Advanced Auto Parts Store off of 41. Please do not show up without enrolling... See our class schedule for upcoming classes!

Enrollment: Only 4 easy steps to enroll.
1) Click on "Class Schedule"
2) Choose the class you want and click on "Enroll"
3) Get State Application Number (Online)
4) Fill out the enrollment form.
130 Shelton RD Manchester TN 37355

State Requirements & Qualifications

For more information on the State requirements & qualifications, please follow the link to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

Gun with Ammunition, Rentals.

Due to the high cost of ammunition or you haven’t obtained your carry gun, we offer Smith & Wesson M&P .22LR with 4.1” barrel handguns. They’re ambidextrous to accommodate both right & left handed shooters.

Pistols are available for Tennessee Academy of Firearms' classes ONLY & you must be 21 to rent.
Rental: $15.00 (Ammo Included)

What you will need to bring:

1) State Application Number, and Drivers License 
2) Working pistol and 50 rounds of the correct ammunition as identified on your pistol (reloaded ammo is not authorized).
    * If you are using one of our rentals: ammo is included.
3) We provide hearing and eye protection but you are authorized to bring your own.
4) Please dress accordingly: the range is outdoors and under shelter.

Schedule & Range Event (Schedule is subject to change based on range availability)

Classes are held at the Coffee County Veterans Association Building located at:

130 Shelton Rd, Manchester TN, 37355

Behind The Advanced Auto Parts Store off of 41 

Range is located only 10 minutes from the classroom at:

P&T Shooting Range

226 Archery Lane, Manchester TN, 37355


Legal Requirements for Carrying a Handgun


Legal Requirements for Self Defense


Handgun Nomenclature, Function and Operation

Handgun Safety, Cleaning, Storage and Range Operations 





Live Fire (Range)



Range Event

You will have a live fire requirement of 50 rounds. You will be firing from the 3 yards, 5 yards and 7 yard line and must achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass. The state required Target is a B-29.

3 yard (9') requirement: 20 rounds.

5 yard (15') requirement: 20 rounds.

7 yard (21') requirement: 10 Rounds.
The next business day after successfully completing the TN Handgun Safety Course, you can go to a full service Drivers License Service Center (Coffee County's is in Tullahoma). There you will have your picture taken, pay the state permit fee and receive the information needed to have your fingerprints taken. For more information, go to Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.