2 Day Basic Course  

The 2 Day Basic Course, combines the State Enhanced Handgun Safety Course with the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Course and is designed to, not only meet the state safety requirement but start you on a training development path that will better prepare you for that moment when you may need to use a firearm in self-defense. Knowing when and how to use your firearm while maintaining the ability to apply critical thinking is a vital part of self-defense when faced with a life-threatening encounter and your about to use a firearm.


2-Day Gun rentals available: $25.00 (ammo included)

Learning to shoot takes time and practice, but the one limiting factor to becoming proficient; you must have trigger time. One of the biggest limiting factors to getting the needed trigger time is the high cost of ammunition. This is why we have developed a 2-day course that will provide you with thousands of trigger pulls utilizing the SIRT system. 

The 2 Day Basic Course combines the CCHD,  and the State Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course, in order, to give you maximum exposure through the SIRT training system. By utilizing SIRT Technology, we're able to provide you with virtually unlimited shots, while capturing shot placement for you to quickly develop your fundamentals.

The 2DB course is 6-8 hours each day and you will need:

1) A clean and working pistol. (Rentals Available)

2) 150 rounds of ammunition. (Ammo Included with Rentals)

3) Eye and hearing protection.

4) The range is outdoors and under shelter, wear appropriate clothing. No open-toed shoes, No V neck shirts and bring a hat. All will help protect you from flying casings.

What is SIRT

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