Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course

This course meets the State of Tennessee's safety requirement and must be completed before you can request a state-issued permit. We take great pride in providing a relaxed and safe environment. This course is held in Manchester Tennessee.


Classes held at 1017 Cat Creek Rd, Manchester TN and with our Range on location, getting your permit has never been easier!

State Requirements & Qualifications

To see the State's Requirements & Qualifications, please go to the State website: 


Tennessee Permit State Information

For more information on getting your Tennessee Carry Permit please go to the  State website: https://www.tn.gov/safety/tnhp/handgun.html

Class Schedule & Range Event

Class Starts at 8:00 am and the first 5 hours is classroom instruction. Lunch will be from 1:oo pm to 2:00 pm and we'll meet back at the Range. The Range portion of the class will go until all students have completed.


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