Women's Handgun & Self-Defense "Intermediate Pistol"


"No Live-Fire" 

SIRT Laser Training Pistol Provided


Once you have completed our Basic course, you're ready for our Intermediate level training, where you will add to what you've already learned. We will take you through the types of pistols, gun selection, and the different types of carrying methods and their pros & cons. We will teach you what the four levels of awareness are and start you on a survival mindset. We will review the shooting fundamentals introduced in the Basic course and begin adding the next set of techniques required for using a firearm in self-defense. You will start your hands-on training in the classroom by utilizing our non-lethal "SIRT Laser" training aid, you'll begin developing defensive loading, unloading, and reloading techniques while learning to engage multiple targets with multiple shots. Upon completion of our Intermediate course, you'll be ready for our Defensive Pistol course.


SIRT is a Safe, effective, and innovative, Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger training pistol and was developed by shooters for shooters to complement live-fire training. This is an innovative training aid that goes a long way towards learning and improving your shooting skill level and not breaking the bank on ammunition costs! You will use the SIRT as a  tool to learn the fundamentals; allowing you to get repetitions during class; and start diagnosing any shooting deficiencies, which will help you take corrective action.

Location: 1017 Cat Creek Road, Manchester, TN 37355

What To Bring

  • Close-toed Shoes

  • Long Pants with Belt

  • Snacks/Drinks

  • Pen & Notebook


What Is Provided

  • Targets

  • Water/Coffee



  • Must have completed Woman's Basic Pistol



This class is approximately 3 hours. 


Cancellation Policy


Students are required to cancel at least 72 hours in advance of the class start date and time, in order to receive credit for another class date. Classes canceled less than 72 hours before the class will not receive credit.