Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Safety Course



The Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Permit (TCA 39-17-1351) is Tennessee's premiere permit, and 37 States currently accepts Tennessee's Enhanced Handgun Permit. This State safety course consists of 5-hour classroom instruction followed by a written exam (multiple choice). Upon successful completion of your written examination, you can break for lunch, and we'll meet back at the range, where you will demonstrate your ability to handle and shoot your handgun safely and accurately. 

Class Location

D1 Map.JPG

1017 Cat Creek Road,

Manchester, TN, 37355

At the range, you will shoot 20 rounds at the 3-yard line, 20 rounds at the 5-yard line, and finish up at the 7-yard line where you will shoot your last ten shots. The target you will be shooting is a B-29, and any hit inside the seven ring will be worth 2 points. You will need to shoot while applying the 3 Saftey Rules at all times.

What You Will Need

Eye & hearing protection (We have is available)

Snacks and drinks (lunch goes from 1:00pm to 2:00pm)

Pen/pencil & notepad

State application number (you will be provided instruction on how to obtain your application number once you request enrollment)

Working handgun (We have rentals available AMMO included)

Ammunition 50 Rounds

State Requirements & Qualifications

To see the State's Requirements & Qualifications, please go to the State website:

Tennessee Permit Information

For more information on getting your Tennessee Carry Permit please go to the  State website:

Class Schedule & Range Event

Class Starts at 8:00 am and the first 5 hours is classroom instruction. Lunch will be from 1:oo pm to 2:00 pm and we'll meet back at the Range. The Range portion of the class will go until you have completed it.