Becoming a Club Safety Officer

We are currently working with IDPA and our local Safety Officer Instructor to provide the required in-person class.

This course would be free to selected Safety Officer Candidates.

In order to be eligible for the Safety Officer, in-person course, you will need to be an active member of IDPA.

IDPA membership is $40.00 a year and you can join by going to www.idpa.com

You will also need to pass an online test administered by IDPA. This test will be on the rules of IDPA, and you can download the rule book from the IDPA website once you are a member.


You will be given access to the test once you have been nominated to be one of our club SO and we summit your name, and membership number to the IDPA Training Team.

If you would like to be considered becoming a Club SO, please complete the form below

Becoming a Club Member

If you would like to be notified when this club starts taking new memberships please complete the online from.