Tennessee Law

As a gun owner and carry permit holder, it's your responsibility to know TN law and how it applies to you. Below you will see a list of both weapons and self-defense laws that you should review regularly. It's not just about protecting you and your family physically. It's about protecting you and your family financially,  emotionally, and legally as well! 

An official copy of the T.C.U. can be directly accessed and reviewed by going to: 


Tennessee Laws You Should Know

39-17-1351 - 1358 Handgun Carry Permits


39-17-1302 Prohibited weapons 

39-17-1306 Carrying weapons during judicial proceedings


39-17-1307 Unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon


39-17-1309 Carrying weapons on school property


39-17-1310 Affirmative defense to carrying weapons on school property 

39-17-1311 Carrying weapons on public parks, playgrounds, civic centers, and other public recreational building and grounds 

39-17-1313 Transporting and storing a firearm or firearm ammunition in permit holder's motor vehicle


39-17-1315 Written directive and permit to carry handguns 

39-17-1320 Providing Handguns to juveniles - Penalties


39-17-1321 Possession of a handgun while under the influence - Penalty


39-17-1322 Defenses


39-17-1359 Prohibition at certain meetings - Posting notice


39-17-1360 Rules and regulations 

Title 62 Chapter 35 Private Protective Services Licensing and Regulatory Act


Title 70 Chapter 4 Miscellaneous regulations 

70-4-103 Fox hunting - Training of hunting dogs - Penalty


70-4-112 Hunting and chasing raccoons regulated - Training season - Violations, penalties


70-4-117 Possession of weapons in areas inhabited by big game - Penalty


10-7-504 Confidential records - Exceptions

39-11-604 Reckless injury of innocent third person 

39-11-605 Civil remedies unaffected 

39-11-611 Self-defense 

39-11-612 Defense of third person 

39-11-622 Justification for use of force - Exceptions - Immunity from civil liability